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Emerald Road Racing

Welcome to the refreshing new magazine, aimed to give everyone in the racing world in Ireland a chance to get a say on the issues that are topical in the sport at present.

The aim of this new magazine is by no means to disrespect the top racing winner across Ireland, but it is to help everyone remember that there are over 30 individuals on every grid. And, with each individual, comes a unique story of their racing, their aims and their ambitions.

This magazine will not be used as a platform to riders to beg for sponsorship, but it will give much needed space for riders to thank their current sponsors.  As we know, without the sponsors and supporters, racing for some people would be impossible and it will be a much poorer place if only the top five men have the funding, publicity and sponsorship to race. It would hardly be classed as a ‘race’.

Our aim is to have as many opinions and points of view in this magazine as possible. Every person involved in racing has a ‘take’ on topical issues, so our riders will  get a fair write up, marshals and photographers have a chance to air some views and the committee members behind the scenes of the meetings can also get a chance to reach a wider audience.  Hopeful this will be a way of understanding how the whole sport can progress and if anything get better and better with each season.

From the owners of this publication, our view point is very clear. The utmost respect and esteem should be given to every rider who places their leg over a bike and races. This is also inclusive of the classics and the side car teams who are often relegated to a back page or a small snippet of information placed as a filler.

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